The first 4 weeks and longer

  • Establishment
    Avoid concentrated traffic on your new lawn. This allows the roots to bed down and knit together. It is important that the soil remain moist at all times. Be careful not to over water in shaded areas and to not under water in full sun areas.
    After 4 weeks you are ready to mow.

  • Maintenance
    Mow your lawn at the recommended height (see guide below). DO NOT use brush cutters as they damage the lawn and are NOT designed for mowing that is why they are called BRUSH cutters. Never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf off your grass.
    Low mowing of your lawn can leave it damaged and susceptible to weed invasion. Avoid mowing in extreme heat.

  • Water
    Keep your lawn in tip top condition – water once a week (to depth of 15 cm) in dry periods as opposed to more frequent watering with less water, this will help produce a good deep root system and keep the lawn healthy.